Odds are that as long as your phone is not brand new, you've taken a fair number of photos with it. Those images are so much more than a moment frozen in time; they contain delicious data ready to be splayed out and consumed. InFoto slurps up the EXIF data attached to your snapshots and builds some very cool-looking infographics from it.

inf1 inf2 inf3

inf4 inf5 inf6

The app lets you generate a new infographic with a single tap, but you can also pull up the last data set instantly if nothing has changed. It can take a moment for InFoto to pull the data out of your images if you have a lot of them. InFoto's interface is swipable and covers photo data like location, time of day, device orientation, ISO, and flash usage. If you have geo-tagging turned off, the location page of the infographic is a little boring, but the others should work fine.

The interface is very smooth, and I really like the consistent design carried through the entire app. There isn't a ton of real functionality here, but the developer is promising to add more analysis screens in future updates. You can, however, share your infographics to any app in the Android sharing menu (but only one screen at a time). The free version is completely functional, but has fairly unobtrusive ads. The paid version is add-free and $0.99.

Photo Infographic Gen Lite
Photo Infographic Gen Lite
Developer: MariusSoft LLC
Price: Free+