Android users who are fans of Sid Meier's classic games Pirates! and Civilization now have something to look forward to – it appears hat GREE and 2K Games have teamed up to bring the beloved sim/strategy games to the mobile world.

The companies' statement indicated that the games would be available as "social titles on select global markets," evidently starting with Japan.

“Creating social mobile games based on the  Sid Meier’s Pirates! and  Sid Meier’s Civilization franchises are our way to connect with Japanese fans in a fun and innovative way,” said Fabien Siouffi, Vice President Online and Social at Take-Two Asia.

Christoph Hartmann, President at 2K Games added "Recreating these timeless classics on GREE's fast-growing social platform is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring deep, rich gaming experiences to a new audience." Indeed, the introduction of these titles to smartphone and tablet users not only offers fans of the originals a chance to enjoy the games in a whole new way (new "social features" will be added to the mobile titles), but also opens the classic titles up to an entirely new audience of players.

Not much else is known about this partnership or when exactly we may see these titles reaching Android devices, but we do know that GREE's social platform is headed for global release soon with over 60 titles. It is unclear whether Pirates! and Civilization will be among them, but we'll be here with additional details as they emerge.

Via Droid Gamers, Develop