So, Google just acquired Quickoffice, one of the leading distributors of productivity and office software for Android. The company, best known for being better than Docs or Microsoft Office on Android, has now been purchased by the search giant. Google says that the company will be working to bring Quickoffice's "record of enabling seamless interoperability with popular file formats" among other "powerful technology" to its Apps product suite.


This is exciting news for Google Docs Drive. The company's interest in its office software has been growing lately, with a revamp of its Docs service, and the addition of the Dropbox-like Drive software. Similarly, Drive for Android has been steadily getting better and better word processing features on mobile. Thankfully, the company hasn't even neglected tablet interfaces. It's still no office juggernaut, but with this new acquisition, it's clear that's the direction Google wants to head.

Source: Google Blog, QuickOffice Blog