With E3 well underway, mobile developer Gameloft has let loose a salvo of new titles it'll be unveiling at the conference today. These include: Asphalt 7: Heat, The Amazing Spider-Man, Kingdoms & Lords, and Cosmic Colony.

Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt 7 is the latest in the iteration in Gameloft's long-running racing franchise, though it appears the gameplay has remained largely unchanged (read: racing games on phones still aren't very good), while graphics and the choice of vehicles have been noticeably stepped up. No release date has been announced.

Asphalt7_iOS_Screen_2048x1536_Hawaii_Lomborghini_01_v01 Asphalt7_iOS_Screen_2048x1536_London_DeloreanLamborghini_v01 Asphalt7_iOS_Screen_2048x1536_Miami_AudiPagani_v08_V01

The Amazing Spider-Man

Commissioned by the studio producing the movie of the same name, it's exactly what it sounds like: a movie game. We know how well those usually go. Judging by the hilarious amount of clipping and variably decent / oh-god-it's-1997 models and textures, it looks like The Amazing Spider-Man is right on track for "most forgettable Android game of the year." Release is expected on June 28.

AmazingSpiderman_screen_2048x1536_EN_22 AmazingSpiderman_screen_2048x1536_EN_26 AmazingSpiderman_screen_2048x1536_EN_40_V03

Kingdoms & Lords

K&L seems to be a grab at more casual titles, with simple 2D graphics in a sort of turn-based-RPG-meets-Zynga-world-builder scenario where players can battle one another. Expect lots of in-game purchase options designed to sell you meaningless crap enhance your gameplay experience. It will be available June 7.

ClashOfCrowns_Screen_1024x768_EN_053 ClashOfCrowns_Screen_1024x768_EN_078 IMG_0105

Cosmic Colony

Cosmic Colony appears to be yet another casual title in Gameloft's lineup designed to compete with publisher-developers like Zynga, but is even more blatantly just another skinned world-builder. Hooray. No release date has been announced.

2 Manage your resources 3 Explore the cosmos 4 Seek out many galaxies and planets_v2