While your average "drop test" video isn't necessarily a source for scientific durability analysis, they can be entertaining to watch. Somehow, seeing expensive devices mercilessly dropped onto unforgiving concrete or pavement feels slightly gratifying, while the process simultaneously educates viewers on the dangers of careless phone handling.

Today, Android Authority uploaded a drop test video which saw Samsung's Galaxy SIII (by all accounts the phone of the moment) and Apple's iPhone 4S faced off against an expanse of hard concrete. Both phones were dropped on their face, back, and side, of course in an attempt to gather more experimental data.

It goes without saying that neither device fared particularly well. The iPhone 4S' front and back panels were absolutely smashed, though the touch screen, home, and lock buttons still functioned. The Galaxy SIII, while less noticeably damaged, had no touch functionality at all after being dropped on its face.

In the end, the lesson is the same: don't drop your phone (even if it has gorilla glass), because the consequences could be dire.

Update: Another video by SquareTrade put the SGS III through three tests, in two of which the screen got destroyed. Ouch:

Thanks, Derek!