While the Galaxy S III has been one of the biggest device launches this year, the so-called pebble blue version of the device has seen some production problems, and shortages in shipments have made the darker version something of a rarity. Today, multiple Samsung reps we reached out to have confirmed that the pebble blue version will be on track for US arrivals with no delays and that, contrary to reports circling the web this morning, no changes have been made to its appearance.

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Of course, the rest of the web has some disagreement about that. For starters, official T-Mobile PR, as well as some store fronts have started using the language "metallic blue" to refer to the blue version, instead of "pebble blue", which has been the standard moniker since day one. Press releases from the other major carriers making announcements today, however, still call it "pebble blue." The above video also seems to make the device appear a bit more metallic, however, we've been told that this is due to the lighting and camera work, not due to any change in the device's design or manufacturing process. Conspiracy or coincidence? We'll leave that to you.

Either way, whether it will look a bit more like a rock or a bit more like metal, the device won't be delayed in getting here. So those of you who can't stand white devices, one, good news for you, and two, you're always welcome at my place*.

*Don't actually come to my place.