Last week, ASUS released a couple of videos teasing its announcements for Computex 2012. Given the contents of the videos, our first guess was that the company would be announcing a dual-boot Windows 8/Android tablet. And we were right... kind of.

It is a dual OS device - but it's not exactly dual-boot, nor is it exactly a tablet. It's an all-in-one 18.4" desktop that can seamlessly transition between Windows 8 and Android 4.0. Oh, and the display can be removed, essentially turning this desktop computer into an 18" Android tablet. Yes, I'm serious.

Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of information on the Transformer AiO at the moment. Here's and excerpt from ASUS' PR about all of its devices from Computex this morning:

Part tablet, part All-in-One PC, the Transformer AiO is an innovative device that can seamlessly switch between both, and features dual operating systems to give users the option of switching between Windows and Android to suit their needs. Engineered to work with Windows 8, the Transformer AiO features an extended 18.4" 10-point multi-touch LED-backlit display which can be easily removed from its base station to become a wireless display for the AiO PC, extending the range of the PC and allowing users to continue with their work anywhere in the home. The display can also be converted into an Android-based tablet for the home with the press of a button.

asusdsc02984 zshdesktop009 zshdesktop011 zshdesktop012

And that is, quite literally, all we know right now. I'm sure more information, including full hardware specs will be available in the coming weeks. Until then, though, I have to ask: is anyone actually interested in a device like this? Because I just can't see myself trying to use an 18.4" "tablet," nor can I see any practical use for Android on a desktop.

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