Instapaper, "a simple tool to save web pages for reading later," is wildly popular among iOS users, but has – until now – eluded Android users. Looking to quench users' thirst for the highly desired app, Mobelux has just made Instapaper live in Google's Play Store.

For those who aren't familiar, Instapaper allows users to quickly, easily save reading material they discover online but don't have time to read right away. The app is able to save just about any webpage in a text-only format, allowing for easy, "distraction-free" reading at your leisure.

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Perhaps the best part about Instapaper is that saved content is stored for offline viewing, meaning users can read their saved content anywhere at any time. The app also allows for font size, brightness, line spacing, and margin adjustment, in addition to a "dark mode" for night reading (though "sepia mode," available on iOS is as yet absent).

Generally speaking, the app looks very similar to its iOS counterpart, but with a few hints of Ice Cream Sandwich here and there. In their exclusive hands-on coverage, the Verge praises Instapaper for keeping the helpful nuances of its iOS iteration, but criticizes the fact that users cannot read in full screen, and that the app does not offer any sort of pagination within documents.

That being said, the app looks great overall, and is almost certainly worth its $2.99 price tag given the handy functionality it offers. Just hit the widget below to check it out.

Via Mobelux

Developer: Instant Paper, Inc.
Price: Free+