Gaming on Android has come a long way since the early days - we're even starting to see console-quality games show up for certain devices. However, there is one major shortcoming: touch controls, for the most part, are complete crap. They're a little more manageable on a device like a tablet, but they're downright unusable on a smartphone.

The solution? A controller. This is becoming a more and more widely adopted feature, thanks to things like the Zeemote. Additionally, the Tegra 3 processor's kernel offers USB controller support baked-in.

Now, PowerA, a company known for creating gaming accessories, is trying its hand at a new Bluetooth controller for Android. And it looks pretty promising.


2012-05-31_15h46_17 2012-05-31_15h46_24

As you can see, the Moga offers a neat little pop-out holder for your phone, essentially transforming it into a full-fledged handheld gaming system. There's also a companion app that sorts through your installed games and detects which have support for the controller, allowing you to launch them directly from one location.

So, how much is it going to cost? That's the thing - we don't know yet. PowerA has stated that the Moga should be available before the 2012 holiday season, so we'll likely see pricing information show up in the coming months.