Some people are simply amazing with remembering faces. I'm not one of them. Evernote, creator of the widely-renowned note-taking app of the same name, has set out to help me with Evernote Hello. I guess you guys can use the app too. The app is a visual contact list that puts your contacts' faces front and center. It even allows you to take down notes of how you met someone, and tie notes in your Evernote account to your contacts' encounters.

hello1 hello2 hello3

The app actually takes a pretty unique and, for the digital world, intimate approach to creating contacts. You can add new people the usual way, by importing them from your existing contacts or adding them manually, or you can hand your phone over to the person you want to add. The app will introduce you and ask them a brief series of questions to add info.

We're still not sure the world is ready to accept "Hey, can I take your picture?" as a routine part of giving out your number, so you might need to stick to using profile pictures. On the other hand, in a world where Facebook has specific boxes to document and publish the loss of a loved one and changed beliefs (these are real), keeping track of our encounters with other people via an app seems downright natural.

Evernote Hello is available on the Play Store for free via the widget below.

Source: Evernote Blog

The app was not found in the store. :-(