The English domestic football season may have already come to a dramatic close with the red and blue sides of Manchester fighting it out for the Premier League title, but there's no time to rest with Euro 2012 just around the corner.

The competition kicks off on June 8th, with the first match between host nation Poland and Greece kicking off at 5pm BST (12pm EST), and with your Android device in toe, you can make sure that you don't miss a single thing that happens between then and the final.

This guide is geared towards people living in either the UK or the USA, although there are some apps listed that can be used regardless of where you live.

Find A Pub

If you aren't travelling to Poland or Ukraine to watch the games, then you'll definitely want to soak up a bit of atmosphere at the pub. You can guarantee that most bars and pubs in England will be showing every game live, but if you aren't sure whether your local will be opening its doors to hoards of football fans, then you might want to use the 3D pub finder that's built into Sky's Score Centre app. The free app has a list of every pub in the UK that shows games in 3D, and if you don't want to contend with those annoying glasses when you're watching a game, almost all of those venues will be showing the match in standard 2D as well.

If you're in the US, you could use Sport Bar Finder by DIRECTV, but that limits your options to bars with DIRECTV installed. Alternatively, you could use Google Places or Yelp to find places to watch the game, as both of these apps will have a wide range of bars listed.

score-centre-1 score-centre-2 score-centre-3

Sports Bar Finder
Sports Bar Finder
Developer: DIRECTV, LLC
Price: Free

Watch The Games On Your Phone

If you want to catch a game that's being played but you can't make it to a bar or get home, then you can always watch the game right on your phone. In the UK, the BBC will be showing all of the matches live during the tournament alongside ITV, which has most games, excluding the semi-finals.

Using the BBC iPlayer app, you will be able to watch any BBC channel live, so as long as you have a data connection then you can still watch the game on your phone or tablet. Just launch the app and select 'Live TV' from the menu, and you will be able to stream over Wi-Fi or your 3G connection. If you're not on an unlimited data plan,it might be a good idea to keep an eye on your usage.

For those of you in the US, all of the games during Euro 2012 will be shown live on ESPN in both English and Spanish. If you have access to the content on the WatchESPN app, then you will be able to watch everything live on your Android device through there.

iplayer-1 iplayer-2

Developer: ESPN Inc
Price: Free

Keep Up With All The News

There are countless news services which will all be covering the action during Euro 2012, but some will be inevitably better than others. If you want the official word on the action, then the UEFA Euro 2012 app is where you'll want to be. The app will provide you with news about all of the teams in the competition, although you can select your favorite nation and have the content tailored towards your choice. As well as providing news about the competition, the app will also help you to keep track of the matches which are taking place and when they're happening.

If you're not a fan of UEFA, then there are many other apps that you can choose from. Sky Sports News is tough to beat when it comes to reliable football news, and you can filter out news from other sports so that you only see what you're interested in. The news here will be more tailored towards the England team though, so if you're more interested in another nation then you may want to look elsewhere.

euro-2012-1 euro-2012-2 euro-2012-3

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Sky Sports
Sky Sports
Developer: Sky UK Limited
Price: Free

Download The Calendar

Of course, it's not much use using these apps if you don't know when any of the games are taking place. If you want to know the kick off times of each match in the competition, then you'll definitely want to subscribe to a Euro 2012 calendar and import it into your favorite calendar service. I'm currently using this one, as all of the information is accurate and it will be updated as the competition progresses, but a quick Google search will find you alternatives if it becomes unavailable for some reason.