Looks like an OTA update started making its way to the ASUS Transformer Pad 300 over the weekend that brings a handful of enhancements to the device, including Face Unlock, battery usage details (finally!), and a considerable boost in performance.

What do I mean by "considerable boost in performance," exactly? To put it mildly, the TF300 had a bit of... lag when too many things were running at one time, but it suffered the worst hit when app updates were installing from the Play Store. Now, that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, the tablet seems to be quite a bit snappier overall, which is definitely a good thing. Here's to hoping that ASUS brings this update to the TF201 (Prime) so it can see the same (much needed) performance boost.

Screenshot_2012-05-21-12-13-10 Screenshot_2012-05-21-12-25-22Screenshot_2012-05-21-12-25-36 

Also included in the update is Battery Usage Details, so you can finally figure out what's been eating your battery up - a very, very handy feature indeed.

As far as other fixes are concerned, WiFi and GPS were also improved in some way. Otherwise, we've reached out to ASUS for more details and will update if/when we hear something back.

The update should be available now to all users (at least in the U.S., possibly Canada, as well). To pull it, head into Settings > About tablet > System Firmware Update.

Enjoy the new performance boost!