The world of the future has some pretty great products to keep productive. Things like Google Calendar, Dropbox, Evernote, and a myriad of other services all aim to make our lives easier and more cloud-centric. Trouble is that these services are all separate. When a group you're working with adds a new event to a Google Calendar, adds some relevant files to Dropbox, and scribbles some notes in Evernote, that's three different sites you need to track. Hojoki aims to alleviate this problem by creating a news feed of all your cloud-based services.

The app supports a wide variety of cloud services. In addition to the previously mentioned products, we also see representation from Basecamp, Delicious, GitHub, and Google Drive, among other popular services. Once you've added all your apps, you'll get a feed that lets you know when something changes. Files or to-dos added, events changes, even tweets tweeted.

hojoki1 hojoki3 hojoki2

While a "news feed" of your own tweets, calendar events, and Dropbox folders may seem a little counterintuitive, when you're working on group projects, it can mean the difference between coherence and chaos. Hojoki is free on the Play Store, and also available online here.

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