Earlier this week, I took a look at the new Bluetooth keyboard for mobile devices from ZAGG, the ZAGGkeys Flex. Since one can never have enough gadgets for their gadgets, today we're going to look at Logitech's offering to the Android tablet realm. While this keyboard isn't brand-spanking new (it has been out for a year or so), it's still just as relevant as it was on release day; given the increase in popularity of Android tablets, perhaps even more so.

Before we get into the the good and bad aspects of this keyboard, though, let's first take a look at the details.

wm_IMG_1285 wm_IMG_1282

The Details

  • What is it? It's a Bluetooth keyboard for Android 3.0+ devices with a carrying case that doubles as a tablet stand.
  • How much it is? $70 directly from Logitech, or about $55(ish) on Amazon
  • Where can I buy it? Logitech or Amazon


wm_IMG_1275 wm_IMG_1276

The Good

  • It's a full-size keyboard, so it brings a desktop-like experience to your tablet.
  • Typing on the keyboard is pretty fantastic - not cramped in the slightest and the keys have a good amount of travel. It's definitely comparable to a full computer experience.
  • Very, very solid. There's nothing flimsy about this keyboard - it feels incredibly well made.
  • Hotkeys for Calendar, Music + controls, volume, home, and back, as well as normal shift+arrow, ctrl+arrow, and alt+arrow line navigation.
  • Classy black and blue color scheme with matching case. It looks quite nice. 
  • The case easily converts into a stand for your tablet.
  • Speaking of, the stand offers more than one angle, which is very useful.
  • Very simple pairing/reconnecting process.


wm_IMG_1287 wm_IMG_1288

The Bad

  • Non-rechargeable batteries - it uses AAA sized batteries, which is just inconvenient. Since it's Bluetooth, however, it shouldn't need new batteries very often.
  • At 398 grams, it's surprisingly heavy; in fact, it weighs nearly the same as many tablets.
  • It doesn't "sleep" after a specified amount of inactivity, which could lead to faster battery drain. 
  • The stand slides around when tapping the device's display (I'm sure this varies with different types of surfaces, but I had to hold onto the tablet while using it on my desk).
  • Not as many Android optimized keys as other Bluetooth keyboard options.



There's no doubt that the Logitech keyboard for Android 3.0+ devices is a dang nice keyboard to type on. It makes inputting information on your tablet a breeze, offers a pleasant typing experience, and looks great doing it. However, it is a bit on the heavy side, especially compared to the ZAGGkeys Flex keyboard that I looked at earlier in the week. For some users, however, the tradeoff of a full size keyboard may be worth the added bulk -- just make sure you carry extra AAA batteries everywhere you go so you never run out of juice.