When David took a look at AT&T's variant of the One X, he loved it. More than Ron cared for Sprint's version, anyway. If you're looking to get in on HTC's latest, Amazon is offering the gray version of the One X for $129.99 to both new and upgrading customers. Sure, you won't get the pretty white casing, but with the exception of the color on the outside, everything on the inside is the same.

2012-05-16 11h55_22

The price is about $70 off of the usual $200 subsidized price with an AT&T contract. At the moment, the One X is one of, if not the best Android phone you can get on the market right now. Until the Galaxy S III finally lands, in fact, it should enjoy a nice, lengthy stay on the throne. So, all things considered, this is a fantastic price for the current monarch of Android phones.

Source: Amazon Wireless

Thanks, Rick