It's not every day that I get excited when I look at a UI demo, largely because they tend to end up being vaporware. But it's hard to ignore a revolutionary UI when one comes along - and that's exactly what Chameleon is:

Still not sold? Check out this demo video from 2 months ago, when Chameleon was first announced:

It's certainly a stunning UI, and one that manages the rare feat of being equal parts beautiful and functional. But there's a catch: the company initially intended to sell Chameleon to OEMs, but it seems they couldn't find a buyer - so they're taking to Kickstarter.

That's a cause for worry (and understandably so), but the situation may be a bit more optimistic than usual. As I said above, UIs that haven't made it out of the prototype stage tend not to make it to reality. Factor in a whopping $50,000 Kickstarter goal and the picture might make you hesitate. But as shown above, the company has working code, not just some Photoshop renders.  More importantly, it turns out that Teknision, the company behind Chameleon, has respectable history as one of the designers behind the UI for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

All things considered, I think this has the potential to be an amazing tablet UI - assuming it ultimately sees the light of day. Hit up the link below to support the project or see more details.

[Source: Kickstarter via reddit]