So, Songify - have you heard about it? It's pretty popular on iOS, something 9 million people love it (or so I've heard). Basically it's autotune, but more fun. What's more fun than autotune, you ask? Autotune plus music, that's what.

It's pretty simple: you speak into the app, and it autotunes your voice, puts it to music, and randomly loops it. The end result is actually quite a bit more humorous than I expected. Case in point:


Notice that "click" in the my clip? That was me tapping the screen to stop recording, so the app appears to be pretty sensitive to sounds. Still, what more can you ask for from a free app that's guaranteed to give you at least 34 minutes of pure enjoyment?

Screenshot_2012-05-15-15-20-21 Screenshot_2012-05-15-15-24-20 Screenshot_2012-05-15-15-21-54

The app starts you off with a couple of free tracks, but you can either buy more using the in-app currency (coins), or just snag some other freebies as they come along.

Hit the widget to grab it (you know you want to, even if just a little bit).

Songify by Smule
Songify by Smule
Developer: Smule
Price: Free+