Meizu, the Chinese electronics manufacturer best known for making a splash this year by announcing its own quad-core device built in-house, took down its site for unknown reasons earlier today. We reached out to the company to find out what's going on with its site. The company responded to let us know that the site will be back soon, once it's been cleaned up to "comply with local regulations."

We are currently cleaning up our forums and wish to stress that all our other business areas are fully functional. We are working to bring our websites back online as fast as we can, but do not know exactly when we will succeed in doing so.

Upon a second request for further clarification, the company offered the following elaboration:

We are cleaning up our forums to comply with local regulations. The message was written by MEIZU.

We're not sure what local regulations the site needs to comply with, but hopefully the site will be back soon. As the company says, all of Meizu's other businesses are still operating, so the downtime shouldn't have a huge effect on the company's well-being.

Thanks, Lee