A few weeks ago we looked at Capta, a universal mount that adds the ability to mount your smartphone on a tripod. The creators of Capta, UDS, now have a new Kickstarter project that utilizes the same "alien goo" material to bring even more functionality to your smart device. Meet Vavo.

Basically Vavo is a nifty little gadget that uses the same sticky junk as Capta to hold on to your device. It can hold your device in a multitude of ways, including upright, angled (with its kickstand) or on the wall. Yeah, that last one is definitely my favorite. I can already think of dozens of uses for this awesome micro-device.

vavorenders elements1 SONY DSC

But, like with all Kickstarter projects, Vavo needs your help. So, hit the source link, make a donation, and help make this awesome little doodad become a reality.