Do you like playing games? Do you like solving puzzles? Do you like to set things on fire while you play games that make you solve puzzles? If you answered yes to the last question, men in white coats will by shortly to escort you to a facility where you will be weaned off this destructive behavior. Firstly, by substituting actual arson with Burn It All. This game gives you mazes of rope puzzles to solve by leading the flame from that Animaniacs skit around obstacles to burn sweet, flammable rope.

burnitall1 burnitall2 burnitall3

In this game, you have to slowly burn away all the rope by moving your ember buddy from his fire to the exposed ends of rope. You can't pass through the middle of a rope, though. You can only burn the rope from the tip, which makes every tangled, spaghetti-mess of rope a puzzle to figure out the most efficient way to incinerate everything. A problem we all have at some point or another. Just to make matters more complicated, the game throws extra obstacles at you, including water droplets, purple bats, and gas geysers that make you explode in a torrent of flames and devastation.

If your desire to set things ablaze is insatiable and you need an outlet, you can grab this game from Play Store for a buck right now.

Burn it All
Burn it All
Developer: BulkyPix
Price: $0.99