A new version of the Android Play Store (formerly Android Market) with version 3.5.19 is now rolling out, replacing 3.5.16. We haven't seen a new Play Store for over a month, but what changes it contains compared to its predecessor is not clear at the moment. I've examined all the menus I could think of and didn't find anything new, so improvements are either under-the-hood or so subtle it'll take a whole AP community to find them.

If you haven't gotten 3.5.19 pushed to your device yet, we have some download mirrors below. The apk has been verified as official and signed by Google, so it's safe to proceed.

SC20120511-015542 SC20120511-015553 SC20120511-015604


Download (change the extension to .apk if your browser downloads it as something else for some reason, like a .zip or .bin) and install as you would do it with any other apk - it will replace the existing Market or Play Store with the latest version 3.5.19.

Via @neillund