In a continued attempt to make Android more viable as an entertainment platform, Google is working on a social gaming app in the same vein as Apple's Game Center, if Business Insider's sources are to be believed. The app would be a huge boon for social gaming on Android. As the platform grows, and gaming along with it, Google risks losing a golden opportunity to be even more deeply embedded within one of the biggest growth markets in mobile.

The usual features are expected: social achievements, awards/trophies, and player leaderboards. What's unclear is whether or not Google will try to integrate Plus into the mix. If we learned anything from Facebook and Farmville, it's that gaming can be a huge boost to a social network's user base. The question is, will casual gamers prefer to be identified by their real names or will they insist on a pseudonym? If being on the leaderboard for Angry Birds meant that everyone who's ever played the game (read: hundreds of millions of people) can see your photos, location, or any other data you share on G+, it might make gamers uncomfortable.

Either way, though, Google has a pressing need to get more involved in gaming. A social game center would be a huge step in the right direction towards that goal.

Source: Business Insider