Viggle, a TV check-in app that's already seen popularity on iOS, has just seen its first beta release for Android. Viggle, for those who don't know, allows users to check in to their favorite TV shows. The app accomplishes this by "listening" to audio and comparing the sounds it hears to a database, matching them with a certain television show.

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What makes Viggle more interesting than many check-in apps is that users can earn tangible rewards. By checking in to TV shows, users earn points (specially featured shows offer more points), and those points can be redeemed for everything from sweepstakes entries to gift cards and electronic gizmos.

Besides offering simple check-in functionality, Viggle also allows users to set reminders for their favorite shows and check to see what's on, using information pertaining to their individual TV service provider.

Viggle's Android app, though still in its beta stage, works very well. In fact my only complaint with the app so far is that Viggle puts a persistent icon in your notification bar. That being said, I think the service itself has huge potential, and it will be interesting to keep an eye on future releases. To grab the beta app for yourself, just hit the source link below.

Source: Viggle