Remember our little friend Andru? Of course you do (and if not, I've conveniently linked a reminder in the first sentence, so you can act like you do)! He's so tiny, adorable, and charges your device with the greatest of ease. With all his charm, it's no surprise that he's one of our favorite Android accessories.

While he's quite the looker with his green exterior, he's going to be getting a makeover over the next month or two, and will be available in three more colors: black, white, and pink. Artem is at CTIA right now and spent some time with the little guys, so he snagged a few pics for us.

wm_IMG_1377 wm_IMG_1378 wm_IMG_1379

That's not all, though! Andru will also be going international later this year, as adapters will be available for Australia, UK, and Europe in about four months.

wm_IMG_1370 wm_IMG_1371 wm_IMG_1372

Lastly, an Andru car charger is expected to be available in early 2013. Unfortunately, the car charger isn't available for viewing at CTIA, so we weren't able to snag a pic of that one.

We're so proud of little Andru - he's growing up so fast!

If you haven't already, you can get your very own Andru right here.