A small OTA update started rolling out the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint this morning that brings but one enhancement to the device: the Sprint Connections Optimizer. Never heard of it? It's actually pretty neat.

It's basically a location-aware service that can enable/disable Wi-Fi and WiMax based on user defined variables (much like Tasker or Locale). For example, it can automatically turn on Wi-Fi when it knows you're at home or the office. Or, let's say you've connected to (and saved) Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop. Once the phone detects that you're there, it can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi. The same rules apply for WiMax/3G connections. I have similar profile set up with Tasker, and I can't even begin to express how convenient it is.

But what's the point? It actually helps save battery life by up 50% (so says Sprint, anyway). What's more, though, is that you never have to remember to toggle Wi-Fi ever again, as long as you live. Until you get a new phone that doesn't have Sprint Connections Optimizer.

So, that's SCO in a nutshell, and all EVOs should have it "within six weeks." You know the drill though - you can see if it's available right now by heading into Settings > System Updates > HTC software update. And if you want more info on SCO, you can find the full skinny right here.