Owners of the Motorola Droid 3 are getting a hefty over the air system update that addresses a number of concerns with the firmware and included apps. Firmware version 5.7.905 clocks in at 224.8MB in size, so make sure you allow at least an hour on Verizon's 3G to pull down the file.

VZW Update

As for system bugs, the Droid 3 is getting a few Google security patches, a fix for mysterious device power ons, better camera autofocus, improved call quality, and a few stability improvements around HDMI and Bluetooth. You can also enjoy using a wired headset without any annoying feedback after the update. Some of Motorola's custom apps and tweaks are also getting some love. Calls can now be placed directly from the contact widget, the Motorola system for uploading Facebook videos works now, and data usage for VZ Navigator has been reduced. You can check out the full list of feature updates on the Verizon page.

The device will notify you in the coming days when the update is ready to be installed, but you can also manually force the update. The impatient lot can go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. Mash the download button, and all 224MB of bug fixing goodness will be dropped onto your phone.