Gingerbread may have been out for nearly a year and a half now, but did you know there are some phones out there that have been living on nothing but Froyo this whole time? It's sad and it's true. Today, though, one abandoned phone is finding a new home on Gingebread: the CLIQ 2. Finally rolling out the 2.3 update, after launching back in January 2011 with Android 2.2 on board. How quickly these short 16 months roll by.

2012-05-04 14h52_28

The update, like several unfortunate software upgrades before it, requires a Windows desktop, a micro USB cable and Motorola's own update app. If you own a Mac and a CLIQ 2 (does such a person exist?), you're out of luck until you find a buddy who's willing to help you out.

Instructions for how to get the update can be found here (PDF), and you can find the Motorola Software Update application you'll need here. And if you're insistent on sticking with T-Mobile, your best bet for future software upgrades will probably be found here.

Source: Motorola via PhoneDog