Yet another perk to the Galaxy S III (like we needed more), Flipboard, a popular iOS app for aggregating and reading news feeds, is going to be an SGSIII exclusive for a short period, before landing on the Play Store. Just like the iOS reader, you can integrate various news feeds, as well as feeds from your social networks, and control them all with a gesture-based interface.

flipboard1 flipboard2 flipboard4

No word yet on how long Samsung will have the exclusive on this app. We imagine it won't be too long, though. Samsung already has a plethora of intriguing features that make this device seem extra enticing. Holding one app hostage probably won't be that critical to Sammy. In the meantime, feel free to continue drooling over this device and all its perks.

If you're eager for the non-SGSIII version, you can sign up to receive an email when it lands on the Play Store here.

Source: Slashgear