Everyone's favorite novelty camera app that hasn't been bought for a billion dollars, Paper Camera, saw an update to version 3 today. Among the new features, the app has added support for the front-facing camera, the ability to share to a variety of sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The app also allows users to buy extra controls via an in-app purchase that add even more customization controls to the already impressive filters.

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The previous version of Paper Camera added support for video recording, so this rounds out a rather ample set of features. While it may not be enough to take Instagram down, this will certainly be worth it for users of the app. The in-app purchase is, as usual, pretty disappointing. Especially since the paid app already costs $2. Still, an extra buck isn't that much to spare for an hobbyist on this polished of an app. The update is available now via the Play Store, so hit up your device if you've already got this app or grab it from the widget below.


As per the comments below, the developers have decided not to charge for the extra customizations after all. If you paid for the optional add-on via the in-app purchase, you'll be refunded and the team is looking into finding a way to thank those that did.  We'll see what happens with that. In the meantime, good on the Paper Camera team for doing the right thing here.

Paper Camera
Paper Camera
Developer: JFDP Labs
Price: Free