Update 5/2/12: The deal, which was extremely popular last time around, is back for another 24 hours. Here's the updated link.

If you've been waiting to pick up a cheap Android tablet, but the $200 price tag on the new Kindle Fire seemed a little steep, you're going to love today's main Amazon Gold Box deal. For one day only (or rather about 21 hours as of this writing), the Kindle Fire can be had for only $139 ($60 off) with free shipping (in fact, it's eligible for Prime).

Sure, it's the certified refurbished version which normally costs $169, but at this price, it seems worth it. Remember, a large percentage of refurbished products haven't even been opened or turned on, and Amazon certified and resealed it to look brand new. Plus, they're throwing in a full 1-year warranty, the same one new Kindle Fires carry, which is something you rarely see in refurbished offerings. Top it off with free shipping, and you got yourself a pretty great deal.


The Fire just got updated to version 6.3 yesterday and remains perfectly root-friendly, if you're into that sort of thing. It can even run CyanogenMod.

So, who's picking one (or five - that's the limit per customer) up this time?

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