If you prefer not to give Google your credit card info, and would rather consolidate all your Play Store payments into one big carrier bill, then we've got some good news for you. Google just announced an expansion to the carrier billing system that now includes the ability to charge books, movies, and music to your carrier bill, in addition to apps.

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The full list of carriers that support the new billing is above. Sorry Verizon users, you're still not on the list. The other three major US carriers, as well as a host of international carriers, support the new payment system, though. Good news for the substantial number of people who prefer to consolidate their payment systems.

Now we just need Verizon to get on board. Also, for major retailers to support carrier billing. And our landlords and insurance companies and everyone else we need to give money to. In the future you won't have "bills" to pay. There will only be carrier billing. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. What about you, though? Do you prefer carrier billing, or do you like to keep your media purchases and your cell phone bill separate?

Source: Google+