Heads up, jetsetters! CNN has released an app for those of you who like to travel abroad. Specifically, those of you who travel to Asia or Australia will find the app particularly useful, but everyone who's about to leave their 20 square mile home area should take a look. The app aggregates local info, photos, and news coverage that you can filter by region.

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The app, and the website for that matter, despite billing themselves as sources for "global" info and views from around "the world", seem to focus heavily on Asian stories and topics. So, if you need a wealth of info on travel in Europe, and never plan on venturing to the East, this app might overwhelm you a bit, but it's still packed with tons of great info and beautiful photos from around the world.

CNN Go is free on the Play Store. Hit the widget below for your download fix.

The app was not found in the store. :-(