Sprint's money troubles are no secret to anyone. After losing out on the Lightsquared deal, not to mention the decreased revenue from the iPhone deal (which should pay off in the long run), Sprint has had trouble making ends meet in the short term. Thanks to a new deal signed with the Western States Contract Alliance (WSCA), Sprint will receive $2bn in revenue over the next four years in exchange for its wireless services. Big customer.

It's not enough to offset the absolute thrashing that Sprint's finances have taken recently. When the carrier is taking losses a billion dollars in one quarter, two billion over 16 of them seems like a drop in the bucket. With a new LTE network on the horizon, and a better device portfolio than ever before (we're looking at you, EVO 4G LTE), there are some reasons to be optimistic about Sprint.

As long as there are no more major equipment malfunctions, and the company can stick to that whole "unlimited data" promise.

Source: Sprint Newsroom