There comes a time in every action hero's life where he gets tired of the explosions and the fighting and race horses duct taped to SCUD missiles, and longs for a simple life. Camping and going on road trips with the family, getting a nice office job, sending your daughter off to get kidnapped in Paris. Verizon's Droid Does campaign has hit a similar milestone. After very successfully selling a metric ton of Android devices with harsh, scary looking robot arms and not to mention evil, horror-esque iPhone taunts, the ad campaign is going for a less threatening and more heart-warming approach.

The main message of the campaign hasn't changed. Yes. This phone does. But now, instead of highlighting circular saws cutting through bananas and sexism, the ad shows you and your buddies watching videos while camping in the woods, confident you won't be missing electricity in the wilderness. Um, we'll see.

Compare it to the old ways Verizon used to sell Android phones and its hard to say that the newer, softer ads aren't more relatable. For example, here's how Verizon used to advertise that Android comes with free navigation software:

Now which would you rather see? A facility-sized robot manipulating a screen with absolute precision and an intimidating, yet oddly mother-ish female voice, or a guy simply using the Navigation app while smiling sweetly at the pretty girl in the back seat?

Ok, so maybe phrased like that it's not the easiest choice in the world. But, hey, we did the robot thing for a while, right? Maybe it's time to try something new.

Source: YouTube