It looks like HTC's One X is receiving another OTA update, this time weighing in at ~35MB and bringing the device's software build up to 1.29.401.7. The OTA appears to have begun rolling out today, but unfortunately no one is totally certain what the update accomplishes, as HTC has (as yet) neglected to release an official change log.


Screenshot courtesy of XDA user stathis95194

Though HTC is remaining quiet about the update, some XDA users have speculated that it fixes color temperature/RGB accuracy, and perhaps fixes some other minor issues. In other bad news, the file – while it is available for download – is not flashable. Those interested can download the file at the link below, however.

Of course we'll be here to report on any confirmed details that may emerge regarding this update. In the meantime, check out the XDA thread linked below for the latest word from users.

Via XDA Forums

Download Here