Welcome to the Android Police Week In Review, your source for the biggest and best Android stories of the week, in an easy-to-digest and totally-not-humorous format. Really. I mean it. So, what have we got this week?

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Special Features

Hardware Reviews

  • The Acer Iconia 510 is made by Acer, out of plastic, and it has a really corny Olympics partner logo on the back. Surprisingly, this didn't end with our own Cameron Summerson slitting his wrists - he actually loved the thing.
  • Aaron Gingrich reviewed the HTC One X in the international Tegra 3 flavor, and that display must be made from unicorn blood, because there's just no other way it could work beside magic. Next week, we tour HTC's top secret unicorn farm.
  • The ASUS Transformer Pad 300 is really just a Transformer Prime that got lost on the way to the aluminum unibody chassis factory.
  • The Capta is a camera tripod for your phone that isn't actually a tripod and uses alien goo to hold your phone. Gross, or brilliant? Or both?
  • Samsung tried to make some high-end earbuds called the EHS-71 and oh god why Samsung, why?
  • Meelectronics' S6 sports earbuds are sporty, which happens to be something I know nothing about, so you should probably read the review.

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Rumor Roundup

Code Google

The Hotsheet (device news)

App Updates

  • Eden To GREEEEN is a very pretty game that I could not for the life of me figure out, which either says very little for my intelligence, or the game's intuitiveness.
  • We review Dark Meadow, and like many Android games, it will haunt your dreams, but surprisingly, not because it's awful. I'll try it out at some point. In a well-lit room. With the sound off. On easy.
  • TGI Friday's has an app that makes paying for your food easier, though I'm not sure how you'll manage that with your hands covered in grease, ranch dressing, and mozzarella stick crumbs.
  • Apex Launcher has gone Pro. It's pretty neat.

In Other News

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