Have you ever dreamed of creating and managing your own imaginary school? No? Well Kairosoft has launched a game that lets you do just that, regardless.

Indeed, Kairosoft, who has in recent memory brought us such releases as Dungeon Village and Cafeteria Nipponica, today made available a "management simulation game" called Pocket Academy. As its name suggests, with the app, you can use your phone to create a school that matches your dreams perfectly. You'll be able to sponsor various school events (e.g. athletic meetings and art shows), create clubs, manage classrooms, and "decide this week's hot couple."

If you've seen any of Kairosoft's previous ventures into mobile gaming, you already know exactly what to expect where graphics are concerned.

school 2 school 3 school 5

school 4 school 1

The game is available today on Google Play. Sadly, Kairosoft has for whatever reason decided to price it at $4.99, which is unfortunate considering the iPhone version costs just $3.99 and has been available since last June.

Still, if you're interested, all the info you need is right here:

Pocket Academy
Pocket Academy
Developer: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Price: $6.99