It's April now, a solid five months or so after the Ice Cream Sandwich source code dropped. We've all been waiting eagerly for our old devices to see Google's latest and greatest. Today, on Reddit, a Verizon employee dropped some slides that detail Verizon's plans for ICS launches. Notable devices include the HTC Rezound, the Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX, as well as the premiere Google tablet, the Xoom 3G/4G.


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According to the documents, the Rezound should be seeing an update to ICS on May 9th, while the RAZR/MAXX pairing will be receiving the update later in the month, on the 21st. The Xoom, unlucky duck that it is, hasn't received a date yet, but is currently "ON HOLD FOR TA (Technical Approval)". Given the problems that early LTE devices on Verizon had, as well as the extremely long delay to get the Xoom its LTE modem, the idea that Verizon would be having technical problems rolling out an update is unsurprising.

HTC Rezound - 05/09

  • Software Update Version: 2
  • Soak Test: 04/16/2012 - 05/07/12
  • OTA: Verzion
  • Size: 297mb
  • Push OTA: 05/09/12
  • Pull Avail: 05/09/12

Motorola Droid RAZR/MAXX - 05/21

  • Software Update Version: 4
  • Soak Test: 04/19/2012 - 05/17/12
  • OTA: Motorola
  • Size: 341mb
  • Push OTA: 05/21/12
  • Pull Avail: 05/23/12

Xoom 3G/4G - ON HOLD

  • Software Update Version: 5
  • Soak Test: 03/29/12 - 04/19/12
  • OTA: Google
  • Size: 106mb
  • Pull Avail: N/A

The slides also have a bunch of non-OS-related upgrades, if you're interested in that, so take a look. Hopefully we'll see more and more of these updates as time goes on. ICS already feels like it's late to the party.

Source: Reddit