Good news, Penguins! Google is working on a Drive client for your favorite OS!

Google Drive, if you haven't heard, is Google's Dropbox/Google Docs hybrid. It launched yesterday with 5GB of cloud storage and desktop apps for Windows and Mac, but our tuxedoed counterparts were left out in the cold.

The lack of Linux love caused a bit of an uproar on Google+, where #driveforlinux was a trending topic for a good part of the day. Teresa Wu, the Community Manager for Google Docs, took to a G+ thread and gave the happy news:

We're working on Linux support - hang tight!

So there you go. You can stop the hash tag spam, Linux support is coming.

Of course "support"  and "good support" are two totally different things. For a company built on Linux, Google doesn't have the greatest reputation of supporting it. Google's idea of "support" for their last (recently canceled) Linux app, Picasa, was the Windows app and some WINE (a Windows emulator compatibility layer) libraries.

So some kind of Linux support is coming, but we're still hoping for "good Linux support." Cross your flippers.

Source: Google+, Thanks, Jake