A couple of weeks ago, we analyzed a crash log that referred to a mysterious Galaxy Nexus software profile called 'takju'. It was completely unknown at the time what takju was, but we know that Google has been using it to test the next version of Android, referred to as "Jelly Bean" in the crash log.


The veil of mystery has now been lifted, as we now know what this build is: it's the U.S GSM Nexus that was released this morning by Google for sale in the Play Store. The main difference with this software profile verses the yakju variants and mysid is that this one has support for Google Wallet baked in - that's really it.

The bigger news here is that Google is using this device to test out the next major Android release. What does that mean long-term? That this device will likely be one of the first to receive the Jelly Bean OTA update, and that's a pretty big deal.

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