You might want to clear your schedule for a few weeks in May because that's when the game Rigonauts will be appearing in the Play Store. An early version of Rigonauts from Engient took second prize in Activision's Independent Games Competition last year, and now an updated version with improved graphics and gameplay is on the way to Android, iOS, and PC. This is a physics-based fighting game with a healthy dose of strategy, and that's not something that comes along everyday.

In Rigonauts you play the role of Rigo, who has to lead his hobgoblin minions to freedom with their evil masters, the Komandants, hot on the trail. After a little setback that destroys Rigo's ship, you have to reassemble the parts you have on hand to do battle with the Komandants' devious contraptions in over 30 levels.

The game seems like a mix of Apparatus and Minibash. You have to assemble the machine that's best suited for each fight from assorted engines, wheels, propellers, and of course, weapons. The way you build it will determine how it moves and fights. No word on an exact date, or how much it will cost, but the video trailer has me excited.