A few days ago, LG made available the V21y update for owners of the G2x. Users were delighted - though the update wasn't major, it did seem to bring some notable additions, according to this unofficial changelog:

  • Update to Android 2.3.4
  • Built-in Google Plus capabilities
  • Swype 3.26.92
  • New RIL and baseband (dated March 11, 2012)
  • Improved battery life

However, the update was pulled shortly after, though those who'd managed to grab it found it quite stable.

Fortunately for other G2x owners, T-Mobile and LG made the 30.5MB update officially available again this morning, along with a changelog of improvements they thought were worthy of a mention:

  • Random reboot/power off fixed  
  • Device stability improvements  
  • Wifi calling improvements  
  • Boot-up fixes

The V21y update is rolling out OTA until May 14th, at which point it'll migrate to LG's website as a manual download for those who haven't received it for some reason.

    Happy updating!

    Source: T-Mobile Support