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Cloud storage has been gaining popularity in the last few years, and is strongly making its way from the tech niche to the mainstream. Companies big and small have been making their files and documents available on the cloud for some time, and now they're increasingly moving their entire operating platform off local devices in favor or the web. Independent users are making the push too; particularly for Android owners, services like Picasa, Google Docs, and Google Music all take a large chunk of data off the device, and instead put it in the cloud.

We've been hearing about Google's next push into the cloud - dubbed Google Drive - for quite some time. The service more or less fills in the gaps around the existing cloud storage services mentioned above - rather than allowing you to store one specific type (or genre) of file, it will allow you to store anything.  And from the start, you'll get 5GB of free space, with upgrades available (or so we're hearing).

For some people, relying on the cloud is a cause for concern; others feel it's just not necessary. Then again, some people use the cloud extensively. When it comes to your Android device(s), where do you stand? How much do you use cloud services?

Do You Use Cloud Storage With Your Android?

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Note: yes, this is totally subjective. No, it's not scientific. But dammit Jim, we're an Android blog, not a trade journal!