Owners of the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus (yakju) are waking up to an OTA update notification this morning that is said to fix the signal loss issues which came along with build IMM76D. Since this new build (IMM76I) doesn't bump the Android version, kernel, or radios at all, however, we're not sure if the update makes any other changes (though it's unlikely).


For those who want to update manually, you can grab the download right here. To install it, simply execute the following commands (rooted users with the stock recovery only):

This assumes that you already have ADB and Fastboot set up.
To keep root, use OTA Root Keeper.
  • Navigate to where you downloaded the above update and open a command line window.
  • adb push 46cf01d3e2ea.signed-yakju-IMM76I-from-IMM76D.46cf01d3.zip /data/local/
  • adb shell
  • su
  • cat /data/local/46cf01d3e2ea.signed-yakju-IMM76I-from-IMM76D.46cf01d3.zip > /cache/46cf01d3e2ea.signed-yakju-IMM76I-from-IMM76D.46cf01d3.zip
  • reboot recovery
  • push both volume buttons and power until the menu comes up (may take a few tries)
  • choose 'apply update from /cache'

After that, just let it do its thing and reboot.

If your device has ClockworkMod Recovery installed, it's not recommended that you install this update, as it could wipe recovery upon reboot.

Unfortunately, if you're not rooted, you'll just have to wait for the OTA to hit. If you're rooted with CWM, then you'll have to wait for someone to make a CWM-friendly version of the OTA (which shouldn't take long).

Thanks, Kam!