Kickstarter is getting to be the only way to launch an audacious project. It seems like very time you turn around, a new Kickstarter drive has set a record and raised millions of dollars. It was just last month that Double Fine Adventure reached $3.3 million to make a game. Now the Pebble e-ink watch has become the top project on Kickstarter with more than $5 million in donations.

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The Pebble is a smart-looking watch with an e-ink face that does the mundane stuff like tell the time, and tell you what day it is. When paired with a compatible mobile device, it becomes a completely different, and more interesting fashion accessory. The Pebble will pair over Bluetooth to control music, get notifications, caller ID, and it will even pull the full text of messages. The list of stock functions is very cool, but the Pebble will also be extensible with apps. There is a Pebble SDK, and the company plans to deploy an app store of sorts.

It's not too late to risk your hard-earned cash on this device, if you're so inclined. Despite smashing the original goal of $100,000, the folks at Pebble Technology have 29 more days to solicit donations. $115 gets you one of the first batch of Pebble watches, which will reportedly sell for over $150.

For a history of Kickstarter record-breakers, check out this blog post - it's quite fascinating to watch the site's popularity skyrocket over the years.