Google has never really made it a priority to give Android a desktop syncing and management client like iTunes is for the iPhone. For the most part, it hasn't been missed that much. Google can perform cloud-based backups of app data, contacts, email, photos, music, and just about everything else you might need. If you use all of its services, of course. Moborobo, on the other hand, is a beautiful client that does all of that and more right from your desktop.


mobo1 mobo2 mobo3

One of the nicest features of this device is that it can operate entirely via a WiFi connection, so whether you're backing up/transferring contacts, managing your apps, or fiddling with your photos, you can do it all without ever plugging in your device. The install/setup process isn't the smoothest we've seen, but it's pretty easy to get set up.

The tool is extremely powerful and, for the power users among you who need some extra controls, there's no reason to pass up this app. Grab it from the source link below, or read more about it on AddictiveTips' incredibly in-depth review here.

Source: Moborobo via AddictiveTips