So, here's a bit of good news for Time Warner customers: the company just updated its Android app with support for streaming TV on Android 4.0 devices. Fantastic right? Yeah... no. There's a catch: it won't work for rooted users. Boo, Time Warner!

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Of course, TW isn't the first company to shun rooted users when it comes to streaming media: Google itself did the same thing with Play Movies back when it first launched the service (long before it was called "Play Movies"). I'm sure that both companies were left without choice, otherwise the media providers would have probably just walked away from the deal.

The bad news doesn't end there, though; if you plan on using the new feature in CM9 that allows you to effectively toggle root access, that won't work either - the app still blocks the stream. Life's tough for a renegade Android user just trying to stay under the radar, no?

While this is a pretty nice update for non-rooted users (are there really any of those left?), it sucks to see companies turn their back on rooted users this way.

Spectrum TV
Spectrum TV
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Thanks, Barry!