At the beginning of April, Google sealed a deal with Paramount that would bring 500 additional movies to the Play Store. Now, the Roaring Lion has decided to join the ranks as well: MGM studios' catalog is now available on Play Movies. The iconic MGM lion has been around for many years, and is one of the most easily recognizable signs that cinematic enjoyment is coming your way. The addition of MGM means that Google now has five of the six major movie studios' offerings in the Play Store - leaving Fox as the only one that hasn't jumped on board.

Whether you're ready to blow the dust off your boxing gloves and watch the trials and tribulations of Rocky, live in the future and watch Ed209 get his butt handed back to him by Robocop, ride alongside Arnold as he tries to kill Sarah Connor in The Terminator, or simply relax and get your dose of heart-warming romance with Moonstruck, Google Play Movies now has what you need.

They're in the process of adding all of the films, so it may be a bit before all 600 become available.

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