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Let's be honest: Android tablets didn't really get off to a great (or timely) start. After the iPad was introduced, Samsung rushed the original Galaxy Tab 7 out the door as a response, and while it wasn't bad on its own merit, it came nowhere close to the iPad. In fact, it took over 4 months from the time the Tab 7 was released until the XOOM - the first real Android tablet contender - hit the scene (it was 3 more months until the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was released).

From there, Android tablets just continued getting better and better - and in typical Android style, came in all shapes, sizes, and specs. Today you can pick up an Android tablet that's anywhere from 7 - 10", has one, two, or four cores, and runs anywhere from $100 to $600. You can get a plain tablet, or you can get one that docks to a keyboard. The variety is impressive any the future continues to look bright.

With that in mind: do you own an Android tablet?

Do You Own An Android Tablet?

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