Say what you will about Verizon's data plan costs (and we all will), but at least the company works for that money. The LTE rollout continues as Verizon announces expansions to what professionals are calling "a whole lot" of California markets, as well as Reno, Nevada. Most have already had LTE, but if you've ever yelled in frustration when you lose that precious LTE signal while driving down Highway 99 in Fresno, your commute is about to get easier.

The list of markets that are getting expanded coverage areas include:

Additionally, Reno is receiving some expanded coverage. You can hit up any of the press releases above for more info on what areas in the respective markets are getting enhancements. The details are pretty specific (congrats, Waterloo, near Stockton, California!) and should hopefully help plenty of you Californians sleep easier tonight.

While we wait for AT&T's LTE to network to catch up, and Sprint's LTE network to launch, Verizon isn't showing any signs of slowing, thankfully.